Digital Dentistry

Our doctors use cutting edge technology to better diagnose and treat our patients and work within a digital workflow. Keeping up to date with the most powerful technology affords us the opportunity to keep our patients healthier, perform better as clinicians, and better educate our community about their oral health.

Vatech CBCT

Using our state-of-the-art Vatech Green CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography), we are better able to visualize our patients’ teeth, jaws, and lower skull in interactive 3D with ultra low dose radiation. In just 5.9 seconds, we are able to scan the entire jaw region to detect bone health, assess third molar positioning, and prepare our patients for implant therapy in a completely comfortable setting for our patients. Our award-winning machine allows us to see more so that we can keep our patients smiling!

iTero Element Intraoral Scanner

Our doctors exclaim, “We have a NO-GOOP Policy!” The days of goopy impressions for crowns, bridges and dental implants are no more. Our doctors use the iTero Element scanner to take intraoral digital impressions for our crown and bridge restorative workflows as well as for our Invisalign clear aligner therapy. Our patients enjoy a more comfortable appointments with better impression quality that produces higher quality, longer lasting dentistry!

Soprolife Intraoral Camera

Our doctors use the SOPROLIFE intraoral camera to detect tooth decay at different stages of its development thus allowing you to determine the most adequate treatment. We believe in conservative dentistry and will only operate on teeth suffering from active decay. The auto-fluorescence technology in SOPROLIFE allows us to detect occlusal or interproximal decay - even in its earliest stages- and to differentiate healthy from infected tissue in order to excavate only the tissue which is diseased. This harmless camera helps keeping our patients smiling!