Benefit From Invisalign in San Diego, CA

If you have crooked teeth, you may feel self-conscious when you speak, eat, or smile. But you don't have to feel this way forever. You've likely considered braces, but the traditional option of brackets and wires may make you feel even more uncomfortable until your smile is straightened.
Rely on the professional dentists at Goldberg Dental Group. We offer Invisalign for patients all across San Diego, CA, who want to straighten their smiles in a more covert way-while increasing their confidence in their pearly whites all along the way.

How You Can Benefit From Invisalign
When you choose Invisalign to correct your crooked teeth, you can greatly benefit from the process. This treatment allows you to keep clear plastic aligners over your teeth-their invisible appearance makes them virtually impossible for others to see.
You can remove the aligners when you eat or need to clean your teeth, ensuring that you maintain optimum oral health. And, unlike with traditional braces, you don't have to eliminate certain foods from your diet when you choose Invisalign.
Dr. Goldberg will also refit you for new aligners every few weeks to match your straightening smile. Invisalign treatment is a fast, easy way to correct aesthetic issues, so you can flash straight, perfect teeth in no time.
The entire process is safe and comfortable. The aligners will gently shift your teeth into place, reducing the pain you feel throughout your treatment.

How Goldberg Dental Group Can Help
For decades, Dr. Goldberg has helped hundreds of patients in the San Diego, CA, area feel proud of their teeth. Tell us what your oral health goals are and we'll provide you with the right course of treatment, including Invisalign.
Call us today at 858-558-7713 to schedule an appointment or to learn more. If you need to reschedule, please let us know at least 24 hours in advance.